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Jabula Entertainment presents Kizzchata Saturdays

Jabula Entertainment

Jabula means “rejoice” in Zulu and at Jabula Entertainment dancing is our way of sharing our happiness and adding value to the community. We are truly one of a kind and provide a unique atmosphere in which everything has been thought to give dancers the best possible and most fun experience.

Kizzchata Saturdays

Kizzchata Saturdays is a unique all levels four-week session of 1 kizomba and 3 bachata classes. In the long term we will switch to a six-week session with 4 bachata and 2 kizomba classes.

Whether your focus is on technique, flexibility, meeting new people or you’re just looking for a new way to work out you can find it here.


Bachata is a Latino genre of music and dance originating from the Dominican Republic which continues to evolve into different styles namely sensual, bachatatango, traditional and moderna.

Our classes will focus on sensual bachata which is an interpretation of the music through circular movements, isolations, body waves and dips.


Kizomba is a genre of dance and music originating in Angola characterized by a slower and very romantic rhythm. Our classes will slowly introduce Kizomba in Newfoundland and will focus on traditional kizomba with an emphasis on musicality and partner connection.


Our belief is that best moves which bring out the brightest smiles on the dance floor are the simple ones and our material will be tailored towards social dancing with a strong focus on technique and partner connection.

Quality is more important to us over quantity.

Through continuity and by introducing two or three moves within the hour and with plenty of opportunities for supervised practice the classes will be structured to achieve the perfect balance between skills development and getting students comfortable on the dance floor.


Take advantage of one of our many promotions and join us on Saturday afternoons between 3:00pm and 4:00pm at 286 Torbay Road, St. John’s, NL starting on 7 July 2018 for a fun afternoon of good memories on the dance floor.

Registration can be done online through our to be added or in person before class.

Please like our facebook page and stay up to date on all our upcoming events.

Kizzchata Saturdays - One of a kind all levels four week session of one kizomba and three bachata classes hosted by Jabula Entertainment

Our Family

Our directors and helpers continue to collectively work together to the bring the best value to the dancing community.

Tendai Mudunge (Mr. T) is an upcoming instructor and promoter who first fell in love with bachata & kizomba in Vancouver in 2015. Since then he continues to evolve as a dancer and grow from strength to strength by dancing up a storm with some of the top dancers at different congresses and by taking workshops from different artists across Canada.

His greatest strength is his charming personality and he is heavily invested in seeing students take their dancing to the next level.

Nothing makes him happier than seeing all the smiles on the dance floor.

He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and spreading his love for bachata & kizomba across Newfoundland.

Tendai Mudunge - Founder and Director of Jabula Entertainment


Open Houses

As a way giving back to the dance community and to help grow the dance community the first class of every session will be an open house with a free bachata or kizomba class.

Please like our facebook page and stay up to date on all our upcoming events.

Kizzchata Saturdays - Open House with a free sensual bachata class hosted by Jabula Entertainment

Come hear our story and our vision of the amazing things we have planned for the dancing community. An exciting announcement not to be missed will be made at the first open house on July 7th.


The first class of every session will be a free open house followed by 2 bachata classes and 1 kizomba class to finish off the session. Each drop-in class costs $15 but for signing up for the entire session we offer the following discounts:

Kizzchata Saturdays – Date Night 40% discount if you sign up with a partner ($27)

Kizzchata Saturdays – Student 30% discount ($31.50)

Kizzchata Saturdays – 3 Class Flex Pack 20% discount for flexible attendance between sessions ($36)

Loyalty & Referral Program

Our rewards program will allow students to earn a free class for every three classes they attend and two free classes for every new person they recommend.


Stay tuned we have many more exciting competitions planned.

Kizzchata Weekenders

As a way of exposing the dancing community to different techniques and styles of teaching we intend to invite different teachers from other parts of Canada for workshops as part of the Kizzchata Weekenders.

In the long term the weekenders will be an opportunity to learn, social dance and watch performances from some of the best dancers in Canada.

Kizzchata Weekenders hosted by Jabula Entertainment - Coming Soon Fall 2018

Shoe Policy

The Yoga Kula Co – op was very kind to let us rent space in their beautiful studio and even made an exception to their no shoe policy. Their board members expressed that floor damage is a significant concern.

Only clean indoor dance shoes with soft soles made of non – marking material which does not dent the floor or leave any black markings will be allowed for dance classes and strictly no high heels.

Outdoor street shoes can easily damage floors and leave black markings since they tend to accumulate wetness, dirt and small stones.

Any turning dance puts almost all your weight on one foot and any dirt which your shoes have would be like rubbing sandpaper on the floor.

Stiletto high heels have high pressure concentrated on a small area at the bottom which can easily leave dents and significant damage on wooden floors.

We truly appreciate your cooperation and look forward to the good times on the dance floor.

Shoe Policy for Jabula Entertainment


If you would like more information on Jabula Entertainment and Kizzchata Saturdays, we’d be more than happy to help. Please contact us on and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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