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Our Classes & Teaching Style...

Since students are investing their time & money in our classes, there is nothing more to important to us that providing the best value possible and most fun experience for dancers.

We recently completed the bachata instructor master course from your two favourite artists Daniel & Desiree and our goal is to add value to the community by sharing their elegant style of sensual bachata.

Daniel and Desiree Bachata Master Course Certification for Jabula Entertainment

Our Classes

Our belief is that the best moves which bring out the brightest smiles on the dance floor are the simple ones and our material is tailored towards social dancing with a strong focus on technique and partner connection.

Quality is more important to us over quantity.

By introducing two or three moves within the hour and with plenty of opportunities for supervised practice the classes will be structured to achieve the perfect balance between skills development and getting students comfortable on the dance floor.

Take advantage of one of our many promotions starting with a free bachata class from 3pm to 4pm on 7 July at the Kula Yoga Co-op located on 286 Torbay Road.

Beginner Block of the Bachata Master Course Certification for Tendai Mudunge by Daniel & Desiree

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