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  • Are the classes open to all, including first time beginners?"
    "Yes, it's an open environment for all to share. Our belief is that everyday on dance floor is always a new lesson and we take our time explaining all class material."
  • Can I wear my heels to class?
    Unfortunately not :( To avoid floor damage only clean indoor dance shoes with a sole made of soft and non - marking material which does not dent or leave any markings on the floor will be allowed.
  • If I buy a 3 class flex pack and cannot make it to a class can I reschedule one of the passes?
    Off course you can, we will be more than happy to reschedule
  • Can I come to class without a partner?
    Off course you can :) We always try to rotate as much as possible, that way everyone gets to dance and our team of helper leads always balances the lead and follow ratios.
  • How do we get to class and is there parking?
    Our studio is right off Torbay along the metro bus route and there is plenty of free parking across from the studio
  • What happens during the open houses and do we have to pay?
    To help grow the community at the start of every session we will host a free open house with a free bachata or kizomba class. This is the perfect opportunity to assess whether this is something for you without having to make a big committment.
  • Can we get the student and date night discounts at the same time?
    Unfortunately :( You can only take advantage of one promotion at a time.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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